HR Training

Shaping Common Purpose

Harmonizing individual vocations, needs and aspirations with those of the organization, building purpose at all levels (individual, team, organization), giving meaning and significance to work together with meeting business objectives – this is the role and challenge of the New Leader and of the Human Resources department, just the same.

Starting with 2000, AIMS consultants have developed ambitious programs that aim to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of human resources processes (recruitment and selection, performance management, career counselling, assessment and development) and, on the other hand, to develop leaders in a different way.


The training curricula presents research methods and channels to be used when identifying and attracting the best candidates for your organization.

The program is dedicated to professionals with up to 2 years experience in recruitment and to all those who are directly involved in candidate identification.

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HIRE WITH PURPOSE – Recruitment and Selection Training

This is a training program built around the critical aspects of candidate recruitment, interviewing, evaluation and selection.

The program is dedicated to Human Resources professionals involved in recruitment and selection, as well as Department Managers and all those directly involved in interviewing and making hiring decisions.

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PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT – Systems and Best Practices

The training program aims to develop a set of abilities necessary to any Manager or Human Resources professional involved in the performance management process.

It comprises 2 modules – the first is focused on the design of a strategic performance management system aligned with company goals and the second module is built around the performance management process (roles in performance appraisal; establishing performance goals; the performance appraisal interview – checklist for managers; action plans for each category of performers, etc.).

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The course presents methods enabling the set-up of an internal counseling program for laid-off employees, facilitating the identification of new career opportunities.

It is dedicated to Human Resources professionals – specialists (2 – 4 years professional experience) and to all those involved in the outplacement process.

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LEADING WITH PURPOSE – Leadership Development Program

This is a new and intensive leadership development program, ‘’AIMS-style’’.

The program is dedicated to young managers who have not had the chance to fully explore their role and own leadership style, as well as to those high potentials who have outgrown a specialist role.

This integrated program lasts 8 months and is delivered as a series of weekend workshops organizedonce a month, on topics such as: personal leadership si effectiveness, emotional intelligence and interpersonal relationships, presentation skills, talent selection, team effectiveness, group problem-solving and decision-making, managing individual and team performance, managing strategy and change.

Besides formal training, the participants also benefit from coaching sessions in-between training modules, for a deeper and more significant learning experience.

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The training program presents essential aspects related to the design, organization and implementation of assessment and development centers according to the needs of your organization.

It is dedicated to Human Resources professionals involved in implementing assessment and development centers, department managers and all those involved in this process as assessors or observers.

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