HR Consulting

Designing Common Purpose

AIMS uses assessment, development and diagnosis instruments to harmonize the people, teams and organizations, in order to reach the objectives and fulfil their mission.

AIMS offers assessment and development consulting services that correspond to the three intervention pillars: at individual level, at team level and at the organizations’ level.

At individual level – the assessment and development centres, the 360′ Feedback process, the coaching and career consulting services – are the main instruments that identify and develop talents from within the organizations. Such instruments can be used for individual projects, as well as for complex consulting projects.

For the assessment and development of the teams – AIMS works with instruments such as team diagnosis, that allows to measure the dynamics of the group and the effectiveness of the team, or workshops for increasing the performance, that focus on developing action plans in order to change the non-constructive group styles,assessment and development centres or 360′ Feedback.

At the organizations’ level – the organizational culture diagnosis, the Human Resources audit, the employer brand assessment and the Employee Satisfaction studies. With the aid of these instruments, the AIMS consultants can find areas where the culture of the organization or the activities related to human resources require adjustments in order to support the performance of the people and organization.

The AIMS consultants also manage complex consulting projects, that apply assessment components (assessment centres, organizational culture diagnosis, etc), as well as interventions regarding the organizational development (creating and implementing systems, workshops for increasing performance, coaching programs).

Aiming to support organizations in their effort to retain top people and optimize HR costs, AIMS has conducted ever since 2000 the comprehensive survey AIMS SalaryMap. This survey summarizes compensation and benefits policies and practices used in the most representative companies from theProduction field in Western, Northern, Central and Southern Romania (excluding Bucharest).
AIMS SalaryMap is the Romanian survey that provides the best geographical and industry coverage in its field. Click here for AIMS SalaryMap Presentation and here for Report Sample.

Starting with 2004, the survey was extended to the Software Development industry and is now a separate product, IT AIMS SalaryMap. This survey addresses software development companies from Western, Central, Northern Romania and Bucharest. Click here for IT AIMS SalaryMap Presentationand here for IT Report Sample.

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