Executive Search

Finding Common Purpose

Our clients, employees, shareholders, the entire community as a whole, have started to ask for higher goals from companies, other than their products and services in themselves. This is the search for meaning and significance in work, the new motivation 3.0 (Daniel Pink), a territory where maximizing purpose takes place together with maximizing profit. People are no longer looking for just a job, they are looking for a vocation and a purpose (human fulfillment).

As Artisans of Common Purpose, our mission is to harmonize people (with their individual talents, values and aspirations) and organizations (with their systems, culture, values and business objectives), for maximizing both purpose and profit in the same time.

For companies in search of middle and top managers, AIMS is the partner who first understands people and motivations in order to contribute afterwards to the identification and retention of the best matches.

As part of the recruitment process, AIMS has developed the onboarding services. Thus, we contribute to the successful integration of the selected candidate – from the role of candidate to that of employee within the new organization – and his/her retention in the organization. The transition is not always smooth – the newcomer needs to build and/or integrate into a new team, understand the new culture, establish strategic alliances, quickly absorb relevant history.

The onboarding sessions align the expectations of the candidate with those of the organization, expectations that are translated into objectives – transparently discussed, negotiated and prioritized with the help of the AIMS consultant as facilitator.

“It is not real work unless you would rather be doing something else.” – J.M. Barrie

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