The Romanian Way

With 20 years of experience in the Executive Search field, Human Resources Consultancy and HR Training, AIMS has contributed to the career of over 4.000 candidates, has worked on hundreds of consultancy projects and has trained more than 1.500 managers and HR specialists through the training programs.

AIMS has always been a pioneer of high value-added services in the recruitment field, as well as in the Human Resources consultancy field.

The existence of two offices, one in Bucharest and the other in Timisoara, allow the AIMS consultants to work on national contracts and to take over projects anywhere in Romania. AIMS‘reputation is built on the ability to understand people and organizations and to contribute to their performance. That is why AIMS gets involved only in projects where they are able to fulfil their mission.

The company shares the experience, mission, codes of professionalism and ethics of one of the biggest global networks of Executive Search and Consultancy – AIMS (Association of International Management Search).

We have been in this business for more than 20 years. After such a long time, our re-invention means, first of all, an authentic search for meaning and purpose.

Artisans of Common Purpose may sound ambitious, eccentric, arrogant or poetic. That is not the point. For us it is a beautiful and authentic metaphor of what we want to become. If you want, it is our endeavor to harmonize vocations with organizations, Meaning / Purpose with Profit, Passion with Hard Work. All within the boundaries of a territory where it stays written “it was really worth working here, honestly.” Is it too brave of a dream? Maybe, but we will back our point up with a strong encouragement, coming over time from somebody whose philosophy and ideas we feel powerfully drawn to: “We must become the change we want to see.” (M. Gandhi)

This is the territory we want to dash into right now; a territory where we, in turn, find our purpose and meaning, where we feel that we give significance to our work and vocation. Find Best Savings